The Selling Process

There are several methods of selling and in a nutshell every property should be treated individually. Market conditions also play a part. Let's look at the sales methods.

1. Selling with a price

I do not recommend this as it limits the home to a certain range and in a hot market this can work for the buyer not the seller.

2. Price by negotiation

By far my preferred method as it opens the market out to all buyers and a good negotiator will always extract the most funds out of any potential buyer.  The recommended time frame for this sort of sell with the right agent is approximately 4 weeks, in a hot market results can materialise even sooner.

3. Auction

Many agents favour auction and there are many cases where an auction is justified, these must be dealt with on an individual basis and should be discussed at length with your agent.  Ensure the agent has the capability of assisting/advising potential purchasers on how to have themselves in a position to bid at the auction.

4. Expressions of interest

This is another way of ensuring you bring the sale to a close in a timely manner, it does allow you as the seller to accept conditional offers and this can assist in you getting multiple offers. This is also a very good way to sell your home so long as you have a very competent agent.

5. Tender

This is a selling method that is not so commonly used by agents. It is however, a great way to sell your home particularly if the home is of a higher value as many purchasers do not like to divulge how much they are willing to pay publicly and this gives them the opportunity to acquire the property in a much more private fashion and a good agent has many opportunities to extract top dollar for your home.