The Initial Breakdown

Choosing the right agent

The old tried and true saying of "look at their results" is still applicable. However, be aware that an agent who has been in the field for years should have numerous results. This does not necessarily mean they are the right agent for your home. An enthusiastic agent is the key to getting top results and they must be enthusiastic about you and your home. Ask questions and when it feels right to you then hire them.​

Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions and see how they respond if you need to interview at least 3 different parties and then decide which one feels right for you. Don't just rely on history Make history!

The key question you need to ask is "what would you do differently to all the other agents"?


Preparing your home

A good agent will suggest several options to help with the sale. A great agent will deliver the options to ensure the sale is the best money you will ever get for your home. Take your time to get ​your home ready. Remember your first date - well your home is going on her first date to her potential new owner so she must look her best. If your agent suggests some fresh paint and some new bed linen then run with that.
Please remember your front entrance is your welcoming committee make sure it's special. Your lawns/gardens should be inviting.  There are other little things that matter like the smell we experience when we enter a home, all subtle but very important. It is the agent's job to get you the most money possible and our duty to help you achieve it before we take one photo of your biggest asset.


Marketing your home

This is what you need to be perfect to get the most money we can! Some agents will still suggest print media there is simply no need for you to waste either our environment or your hard earned dollars. 

An outstanding campaign of mixed media should consist of great video with excellent representation of your property and the surrounding environment by the agent. The new owners are also buying a lifestyle so they need to see that. Great still photography is a must. Your home should then be published on all appropriate websites Make sure your agent is tech savvy. Signboards are necessary sometimes but not always and great hand out high quality brochures are must.  When all these are in order you're ready for take off.